21 Missed Connections published by Edition. 21 artists depict their idea of what a missed connection is through illustrations, photographs and sculptures. 52 pages, two colour risograph, 4" x 8." Printed by Colour Code. 

Selected artists include: Adrienne Kammerer, Mel Paget, Grace Miceli, Vivian Fu, Bianca Weeko Martín, Melek Zertal, Jana Ghalayini, Misbah Ahmed, Wei Qi, Wenting Li, Kristine Lee, Wil Brask, Sarah Alinia Ziazi, Shriya Samavai, Toko Hosoya, Brie Moreno, Ray Hodge, Tallulah Fontaine, Monica Ramos, Jisu Lee, and Michelle Homonylo.

Hart House Review - 2018 

Full page spread in the Hart House Review, est. 1992. The Hart House Review is a literary journal published at Hart House in the University of Toronto.

Season of the Butterfly - Published in May 2018 debuting at TCAF. 36 pages, black and white, 8.5 x 11. 

This story follows the journey of a young house painter named Elaine as she tries to make sense of the life she was given. While relflecting in her favourite space, she befriends an unexpected character. 

My Brain is a Garbage Can - Published in 2014. 48 pages featuring sketchbook illustrations. 

Contribution to Home Zine 2 - curated by Carla McRae and Tallulah Fontaine.

Home can be many things - a space, person, memory or feeling. Home Zine Issue 2 is about the objects and physical belongings that make one feel at home. Possessions that give a feeling of being at rest and bring us back to safety.