Installation at Chromatic Festival, Montreal, 2018

Recreating a hell landscape, "Pit" serves as a place which allows demons to exist as they are. This is a dimension that embraces the complexities of good versus evil, a room filled with both purgatorial and comical sensations. Images are pulled from tales of personal history, lived experiences and collective memory to form a speculative world; where fluid characters come to life through the conversations of others.

Orgainzers failed to document the installation. Here lies the remains of something that existed, only as iPhone photos. 

Mixed media installation involving: Silk tapestries, plexi and vinly figures, metal hardwear, highfired ceramics, and projection mapping featuring an animation. Soundtrack developed by Maxime Gordon. 

Panorama of the room. 


Panorama of the room. 


My sister, Rhea. 


"She Sleeps," Mixed media printed onto silk. 


"Beast and Being," Mixed media printed onto silk. 


"Two Ways of Feeling the Same," Mixed media printed onto silk. 


"Kiki in the Grass," Mixed media printed on to silk. 


Audio Composure: Maxime Gordon