Bio: Kendra Yee is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and curator. Her work consists of mixed-media paintings, ceramic sculptures, and panel-based illustrations.  Through the investigation of these mediums, she seeks to question the relationship of co-existing opposites and negotiate these spaces to find balanced chaos. Yee pulls tales from her personal history, lived experiences and collective memory to form speculative worlds where fluid characters come to life through the conversations of interactive bodies.  

Some recent projects she has worked on include; editorial illustration, branding, art direction, solo shows, workshop programming and site specific installations. 

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Clientele & Collaborators: Hulu, Razorbill, Penguin, Poetry Magazine, Rookie Magazine, Tacobell, Pizzahut, Levetto, K-Hole, Gif News, Toronto Public Library, Art Gallery of Ontario, Division Gallery, Xpace Cultural Centre, The Letter Bet, Drake Hotel, Drake Comissary, Gladstone Hotel, TIFF, Chromatic Arts Festival, ArtReach, Toronto Arts Council. 


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